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Bitcoin Mining Council Says 56% of Mining Is Sustainable is a pure information platform that creates content to the best of its knowledge and belief. Completeness, accuracy, timeliness and accuracy can not be guaranteed, this also applies to price movements and information. The content, opinions, information, etc.published on Coin-Update serve exclusively for the purpose of information and are under no circumstances investment advice tailored to individual needs and not expert. The contents published here do not constitute recommendations for the purchase or sale of financial instruments, nor are they to be understood as a guarantee or assurance of certain price movements. Analyses, opinions, estimates, statements or simulations of the historical price or performance of a financial instrument as well as forecasts for future events or developments of the presented financial instruments are not reliable and well – founded indicators of performance. Historical events do not guarantee future profits. Forecasts also contain unpredictable risks and factors that can never be fully estimated from the outset. This may cause actual events, price movements and other factors to differ significantly from the information published on Coin-Update. In addition, Coin-Update does not undertake to continue to follow the forecasts or to adjust them subsequently. Investments in digital currencies are associated with high risk, the total loss can not be excluded and is possible at any time. The use of the information of this media platform is at the user’s own risk. The contents of Coin-Update are merely opinions and are not subject to quality control, are not suitable as a basis for decision-making, in particular not for investment or investment, and are used exclusively for general information and discussion. Coin-Update is not investment advice, buy or sell recommendations or sound forecasts regarding performance. The published content on Coin-Update only corresponds to the opinion of the author or authors. The contents do not constitute advice in the broadest sense and do not replace individual legal or tax advice.

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